The underground infrastructure is a crowded place and so is the market for industry equipment. This list should make your purchasing process a little easier.

1) Suite of equipment
As the industry continues to change, one factor remains the same — any job that takes you underground is going to be complicated and detail-oriented. From locating to installing, we have the equipment for every stage. Use our state-of-the-art utility line locators to safely and accurately identify utilities. Employ a CS418B core saw to minimize traffic disruption while excavating utilities. Our versatile line of vacuum excavators will allow you to visually spot utilities for additional safety and peace of mind.

2) Features you can’t find anywhere else
While we’re always looking for ways to improve and meet our customers’ needs, several features set our products apart from the pack. The following come standard on all McLaughlin vacuum excavators:

Cyclonic filtration system: McLaughlin continues to lead the industry with a standard three-stage cyclonic filtration system, which allows a vacuum to be used for both wet and dry vacuum excavating. The cyclones reduce airborne particulates from reaching the final filter and vacuum blower, protecting your engine and your investment.

Patented cam-over rear door: The McLaughlin patented “cam-over” hydraulic rear door leads the industry with this simple reliable design. All components being external to the tank makes maintenance easy and accessible. The design provides a consistent 360-degree seal and mechanical locking mechanism to keep fluids securely in the debris tank even under reverse pressure.

In-tank wash down system: This patented feature delivers a high-pressure water spray to the spoil tank to help remove tough debris while simultaneously dumping material. When you’re looking to save time and make cleanup easier, the in-tank wash down system is your friend.

3) Durability backed by a guarantee that means something
We’re not afraid to say we make the toughest locators in the business. Our durable design with antennas mounted in rubber isolators allows it to stand up to the toughest job site conditions. On top of that reliability, you can count on the exclusive McLaughlin three-year warranty and weather-proof guarantee. All McLaughlin products are supported by the exclusive Vermeer dealer network for local parts, service and support.

4) Innovation that won’t quit
Yes, we’re proud of the machines we’ve built. But that doesn’t mean we’re sitting around and patting ourselves on the back. We know that your equipment needs as contractors are changing all the time. So we want to be evolving and constantly looking toward the future so that we’ll have the products you want — maybe even before you realize you want them.

In 2016 we released five new products: the CS418B core saw, new utility locators and the Vision FLX locating system, a fuel-efficient line of ECO Series truck mounted vacuum excavators, the MEGA Vac line equipped with 6-inch suction hoses and, lastly, a revamped line of trailer vacuum excavators. Each of these was designed with you, the contractor, in mind and has features that can help make your job easier. We have big plans for 2017 and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

5) Time-tested
For over 95 years, McLaughlin has been growing and evolving along with the underground industry. We’ve been around for all the ups and downs and creating the equipment you need to get the job done. With safe and productive solutions for the power, gas, telecom, water, sewer and oil industries, we work where you work.

For more information about McLaughlin and the products we offer, visit or contact your local Vermeer dealer.

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