Over 90 Years in the Industry

For over 90 years McLaughlin has been actively involved in the drilling tool industry. During that period of time McLaughlin has developed a reputation for designing and building dependable, low maintenance trenchless construction equipment solutions for the power, gas, telecom, water, sewer and oil industries. We are focused on developing innovative products that provide contractors safe and productive methods for installation of underground utilities.  McLaughlin offers a full line of utility locators and vacuum excavators using both air excavation or hydro-excavation for safely finding and exposing existing infrastructure as well as a number of trenchless installation products.  McLaughlin offers a full line of Hole Hammer pneumatic piercing tools, Mighty Moles, Pit Launch directional drills, Auger boring machines, On-Target steerable auger boring systems,  and auger boring machines for trenchless installation of steel casing, conduit, cable and hdpe pipes. As evidenced by the companies longevity and success, McLaughlin takes pride in providing workable solutions for the underground industry since 1921.

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