Mcl 60 Workhorse

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About this product

The McL-60 Workhorse auger boring system from McLaughlin was designed for long large diameter casing installations for power, communications, water/sewer and pipeline projects.  The new MCl60 is powered by a 218 HP Volvo tier 4 compliant diesel engine, and is equipped with 5” hex Auger driving 1,272,000 ft lbs of thrust and 126,000 ft.lbs of torque for big bore applications.  New industry leading features in the area of remote operation and safety features, new robust “quick set” track design, and “Rabbit Drives” set this new machine apart from the rest.

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Key Features


The new remote control feature allows the McL-60 to be controlled from outside the excavation pit for increased operator convenience and productivity.


Powered by a 218-hp (160-kW) Volvo turbocharged engine, it is the company’s first Tier 4 Final compatible auger boring machine and is designed to install steel casing up to 60″ (152.4 cm) and produce bores up to 700′ (213.4 m) in length.



The McL-60 was built on features that allow contractors to be more productive. By implementing a low-profile engine design, the McL-60 fits easily beneath the trench box spreader bars for more efficient jobsite setup.


The addition of an Eskridge gearbox allows for increased torque — up to 126,000 ft/lb (170,833 Nm) and, in turn, longer bore lengths, helping contractors to install more feet per day.


The Rabbit Travel feature accelerates the process of pulling augers by eliminating the need to use the cylinders of the machine to install the product type.

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Boring Range
  • 16″ (41 cm) to 60″ (152 cm)
  • 218 hp (163kW) Volvo TAD572VE turbocharged, water-cooled,Tier 4 Final Diesel
  • Eaton FS6305A
  • True Dry Hydraulic with .1 seconds Disengage
Planetary Gear Box
  • Eskridge 26 : 1
Auger Torque
  • 126,000 ft/lb (170,833 Nm)
Forward Thrust
  • 1,272,000 lb (636 tons)
Hydraulic Parameters
  • 9 in. Bore x 36 in. stroke at 5000 psi
Fuel Tank
  • 15 gallon (56.8 L) capacity with sight gauge
Machine Dimensions
  • 7′ 6″ (2.3 m)W x 12′ (3.7 m)L x 5′ 11″ (1.8 m)H
  • 33” (83 cm)
Master Track
  • 10′ 2.5″; 6,668 lbs
Track Extension
  • 10′ (304.8 cm); 5,169 lbs
Options Availabile
  • “Rabbit Travel” for pulling auger & product pipe installation -Rabbit Drive @ 42,000 lbs Push / Pull
  • Standard Wireless Remote – for machine mount or out of pit operation
  • Standard Drive – 5” HEX
  • Patented OPC Clutch for Safety Disengagement

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