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Vermeer Mega VX200 by McLaughlincut away vx200

Vacuum Excavation saves time, money, and reduces surface disruption which is why McLaughlin Vacuums are made to get your toughest jobs done. The MEGA VX200 truck-mounted vacuum excavator from McLaughlin features a spoil tank capacity from 1,200-3,000 gallons and the option of 800 gallons of fresh water. The excavator has a 6-inch hose diameter with a 3,200 cfm blower at 18 inches HG. The tank, power pack and water system have a modular design, enabling the contractor to mount the unit on a new or repurposed chassis. Powered by a 200 hp John Deere Tier 3 engine, the unit has three-stage cyclonic filtration systems that allows for wet and dry vacuum excavation and features McLaughlin’s patented cam-over hydraulic door that provides a 360-degree positive seal.

Vermeer CS418B by McLaughlin

core saw side

Quickly expose utilities with a cleaner, safer, and less intrusive work site using the Vermeer CS418B by McLaughlin. The purpose-built keyhole core saw is designed to cut 4-18 inch diameter holes to help utility contractors safely locate and then hydro excavate underground utilities. Powered by a 25 HP Kohler EFI engine for improved cold weather starting, the core saw has a two-speed operation that can generate up to 380 RPM for varying job site conditions and more efficient repairs. Capable of handling all types of road systems and sidewalks with minimum effort it is the answer to some of your toughest surface cutting challenges including asphalt, concrete, and reinforced concrete. Core sawing is cutting a bold new path in construction and rehabilitation since it requires less support equipment and less manual labor. A technique that results in significant cost savings, reduced public disruption and efficient repairs; this tool is easy to operate, safe, reliable and versatile enough to earn a permanent spot in your fleet. There are multiple benefits for your company, crew, and community but most importantly as green technology it results in a dramatically smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional techniques.

McLaughlin Verifier- G2 Locator

The G2 locator is the solution to your next underground utility problem! The Verifier G2 is an easy-to-use productive utility locator. It uses Smart Technology along with improved noise reduction to achieve extreme accuracy in direct connection, clamping, inductive and passive modes. The multiple frequency transmitter benefits the operator for locating all types of utilities. Additional features include Peak and Null locating modes, 4 active frequencies, depth readout and Current Measurement Index (CMI), unique inductive method, passive radio search, increased depth capacity to 30 feet and a completely weatherproof receiver. Avoid unnecessary fees and the danger of hitting underground utility lines. Play it safe, the G2 locator is the solution for your next job.

McLaughlin On-Target Auger Boring Steering System and Control Station

The tested and trusted technology of McLaughlin’s On-Target Heard allows contractors to do longer and more accurate on grade bores. It gives the operator the ability to control both vertical and horizontal direction and 360degrees in one pass. An exclusive product that works with McLaughlin and all other auger boring machines, it is an easy to use, patented technology only available through McLaughlin.

Vermeer Hole Hammer by McLaughlin -VPT200, VHH250RT, VPT300RT

Vermeer piercing tools are constructed of high-quality alloy steel, with precision machined components, for long life and consistency in replacement parts. The simple and reliable positive reverse control features no internal mechanisms and features a time tested clamped tail bolt design that requires just 35 ft-lb of torque for ease of field service. The piston and valve wear rings help maintain airflow efficiency and lessen steel-on-steel contact. For your toughest jobs ask about the moving head option that is perfect for compact soil conditions. The Vermeer Hole Hammer continues to be one of the lowest total cost trenchless alternatives available.

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