The Vermeer CS418B by McLaughlin was on site this week  in Michigan and Charlotte demonstrating why contractors should follow suit in the core sawing trend. A safer and less intrusive technique, core sawing is cutting a bold new path in construction and rehabilitation.  This compact tool is easy to operate, safe and reliable for fast and efficient repairs allowing increased productivity for your next job. It requires less support equipment and less manual labor which results in cost savings, reduced public disturbance and improved repairs.

According to McLaughlin’s Midwest sales rep John, “Never go to a gun fight with a butter knife” which is why when his job site conditions were questionable he decided to use a 18″ bit. The contractor did not know how deep the concrete road was, regardless the CS418B performed great with this bit and cut 12″ deep in blacktop in 7 mins and 32 seconds.

core saw johncore john

Meanwhile in the Southeast city of Charlotte, NC a contractor was finding his site conditions to be quite the challenge- with only a 14″ deep bit coring 12″ holes proved to be difficult as lots of bit friction occurs. Thus the decision was made to break it up into two bites- by drilling down half way, cleaning the core from the bit and then finished drilling the last half.

There are multiple benefits of Core Sawing for your company, crew, and community.

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