The Vermeer CS418B by McLaughlin is a purpose-built keyhole core saw designed to cut 4-18 inch diameter holes to help utility contractors safely locate and then hydro excavate underground utilities. Core sawing is cutting a bold new path in construction and rehabilitation since it requires less support equipment and less manual labor. Powered by a 25 HP Kohler EFI engine for improved cold weather starting, the core saw has a two-speed operation that can generate up to 380 RPM for varying job site conditions and more efficient repairs. Capable of handling all types of road surfaces and sidewalks with minimum effort, it is the answer to some of your toughest cutting challenges including asphalt, concrete, and reinforced concrete. The CS418B features an on board 65 gallon water tank for cooling the bit with variable flow from 0-2.8 gallons per minute along with a telescoping and pivoting arm that enables easy alignment for accurate hole positioning. An innovative alternative to your conventional pavement cutting tools it eliminates the need for jack hammers and backhoes making it less physically core saw side
demanding and reducing public inconvenience.  The core saw is built on a portable, compact trailer measuring 137 inches (348 cm) long and 69 inches (175 cm) wide for easy jobsite access and can be towed with a ½ ton pickup truck.  It will increase your productivity and credibility because the core can be pre-drilled and left in place in advance for reinstallation in the original spot and patched. Eliminating costs and labor associated with the removal and disposal of unwanted pavement and soil. The radial core preserves the roads integrity by creating less structural damage to road systems, resulting in longer pavement life, and reduced maintenance for a cleaner, safer and less intrusive jobsite.  It allows for improved community relations because of fewer traffic complaints, less noise, mess and reduced disturbance for neighbors. A technique that results in significant cost savings, reduced public disruption and efficient repairs; this tool is easy to operate, safe, reliable and versatile enough to earn a permanent spot in your fleet. There are multiple benefits for your company, crew, and community but most importantly as green technology it results in a dramatically smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional techniques.

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