Jason Manasco has been with McLaughlin for about 7 years and been in the manufacturing industry for close to 10 years. “I’m the auger boring guru” he says, “any and every question comes to me.” As the supervisor of the trenchless boring department he keeps the back in line. When he’s not at work Jason keeps himself busy. He enjoys hunting, fishing and driving his motorcycle.  He also has two side businesses’ a landscaping business with 22 accounts and he also repairs Harley Davidson’s and builds custom bikes. He built his own custom bike, everything from the handle bars to the engine he built himself- it is his pride and joy. Before he worked with McLaughlin Jason served his country for 6 years in the 82nd airborne unit as a paratrooper. He had 4 combat deployments the first was in 1991 during Desert Storm and the last was in 1995 to Bogotá, Columbia.  Jason said that the army taught him how to deal with adversity, discipline, and motivation.

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