Introducing the Vermeer MEGA VAC VXT Series

PTO-driven power, scalable tank capacity and reliability for high-production contractors


We’re extending our Vermeer MEGA VAC vacuum excavator product line with new PTO-driven options. We heard your requests for a productive vacuum excavator that meets weight regulations and that is backed by the support of the Vermeer dealer network. The VXT Series meets those needs are more.


Ideal for utility and distribution contractors, the VXT Series is a reliable, cost-effective solution for high-production potholing crews. The new MEGA VAC PTO-driven vacuum excavators come in three standard spoil capacity options: the VXT6 (6-yard), the VXT8 (8-yard), and the VXT10 (10-yard).


Proven for potholing

The VXT Series is a 6-inch (15.2 cm) system featuring spoil tank capacities ranging from 1,200 to 2,000 gallons (4542.5 to 7570.8 L) and a standard option of 800 gallons (3028.3 L) of fresh water. For off-road applications, larger spoil tank capacities are available from 2,200, 2,600 and 3,000 gallons (8327.9, 9842.1 and 11,356.2 L).


The VXT Series is powered by the industry-proven OMSI Gearbox and a ROOTS 3200 CFM (91 m3/min) blower. When the truck is put into PTO mode, the rear axle is disengaged and the OMSI gearbox becomes live to drive the ROOTS blower at 18 inches of mercury and 3200 cfm. The OMSI gearbox hydraulically provides the power to drive the 10 gpm/3,000 psi water pump as well.


Take Control

The new CAN Control system allows for two-way communication between the remote control and the vacuum excavator. With the CAN Control system operators can start the MEGA VAC, control the idle speed, dump spoils, open the rear door and control full boom operation, which helps contractors increase jobsite productivity. The controls also give a full readout on performance of the engine, the blower and the water pump.


The new Vacuum Neutral feature adds to operator safety and productivity on the job site. In Vacuum Neutral mode, the blower breathes free air and stops suction without the need to close the hydraulic gate valve in the boom. This allows an operator to work safely near the boom without having to shut the vacuum off.


Capacity that will scale

Utility contractors, gas distribution contractors and the large contractors building fiber optic networks must balance the need for maximum spoil tank capacity with increasingly stringent weight regulations and restrictions. The VXT6 and the VXT8 MEGA VACs were designed with scalability as a top priority.


Here are two available setups:

  • Built on a 10-wheel Peterbilt chassis, the VXT6 has a 1,200-gallon (4542.4 L) spoil tank capacity and can carry up to 410 gallons (1552 L) of water and still meet weight regulations.
  • The VXT8 has a 1,600-gallon (6056.7 L) tank capacity and can carry up to 800 gallons (3028.3 L) of fresh water. With a standard drop axle, the VXT8 weighs only 33,000 pounds (14,968.5 kg) empty on the Peterbilt 348 chassis.


For reassurance that the vacuum meets weight regulations, the VXT Series features the new optional Air-Weigh scale system. Incorporated into the chassis and the CAN Controls, the Air-Weigh scale system informs the operator when a truck hits its preprogrammed maximum axle weights. At the point that the truck reaches preprogramed axle capacity, the unit will automatically enter Vacuum Neutral mode. The control panel message will allow the operator to “override” the Vacuum Neutral mode or can be programed with a security code so only a manager may authorize a system override.


All McLaughlin vacuum excavators are backed by the Vermeer dealer network. The worldwide dealer network means consistent parts availability and a knowledgeable staff wherever the job takes contractors.


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