We’ve spent the last month covering common locating mistakes and some tips for trouble-shooting tough locates. Avoiding mistakes and following tips is great, but if you don’t have a quality, effective utility locator, these precautions won’t do you much good.


McLaughlin is an industry-leader in the utility locator market and we strive to provide the most accurate locating tools in the industry. Here are just a few reasons why using McLaughlin Utility Locators will make your job easier and your locates more accurate.


Three antennas

While competitive products use two antennas to measure depth readings, the new McLaughlin Vision locators use three. With the push of a button, the locator simultaneously takes depth readings from all three antennas and averages the measurements for a more accurate reading. For added durability, the antennas are rubber mounted inside the injection-molded locator case so they can stand up to tough jobsite conditions.


Semiautomatic and manual gain adjustment

Gain adjustment refers to the receiver’s sensitivity to the magnetic field emitted by a utility line. The benefit of the semiautomatic gain is that it’s a very precise method of locating — especially in congested areas — and the technology is exclusive to McLaughlin. Because manual gain is a more commonly used method of locating, some contractors are hesitant to try the semiautomatic gain feature.


The new Vision locators offer dual functionality, which means contractors can engage the semiautomatic gain on congested, urban jobsites where signal distortion is a common challenge, and use the manual gain method when working in less congested areas.


Inductive clamp

To help contractors be more efficient on the jobsite, the Vision locators have a waterproof inductive clamp. This means the Vision locator can lay on or partially grip the utility and produce an accurate reading, unlike competitive locators that require the clamp to fully encircle the utility, which creates extra labor for contractors.


All McLaughlin locators are backed by a three-year warranty and weatherproof guarantee. For more information, visit our website mclaughlinunderground.com.

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