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These days, finding a proper utility locator may not be as daunting of a task as it seems. The technology for an underground wire locator has certainly improved with advanced frequency capabilities, and with power capabilities in the transmitters, McLaughlin makes it easy by offering a full range of utility locators to fit your application all backed by a 3-year warranty including weather damage.

At McLaughlin, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best products and proven solutions for locating underground utilities. And we believe that our selection of underground utility locator products holds true to that mission. For more than 90 years, we have been an active member in the boring tool industry, and we’re excited to help our clients continue to improve safe digging practices on jobsites around the world.

Whether you’re a contractor, facility owner, or professional locating contractor, we have the tools for you to quickly identify pipes, cables, and other utility lines through a variety of methods, at a broad range of frequencies and depths. Backed by a confident 3-year warranty, we stand by our utility locators as the industry’s best, and we’re proud to make them available for whatever job you have ahead. For the ultimate utility locating solutions, trust the equipment here at McLaughlin today!

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Key Features

Utility Locating Equipment

Based on your varying needs, our range of utility line locator equipment can perform a number of tasks to help you get the job done quickly and most importantly safely.

Take for example the GX2 Verifier. This product is an especially viable unit for utility contractors or facility owners. Its straightforward user-friendly design lends itself to simple operation that helps you to zero in quickly on what you’re looking for, making utility locating even easier with user friendly commands assisting the operator in efficiently operating the instrument.

With it’s smart technology the GX2 features improved noise reduction that helps bolster your accuracy, and intuitively adapts from Direct Connect, to Inductive, and the Inductive Clamp connections based on which lead is plugged into the transmitter. The GX2 emits a strong mid-range frequency through the conductor, creating a larger electromagnetic field, for faster identification and stronger signals for inductive locating of cast iron water and gas mains.

The McLaughlin GX2 locator is made especially with the professional utility locator in mind—designed to locate any number of utilities and a wider range of job types. This underground pipe locator has multiple gain options, a high-powered 7 watt transmitter and combination of peak and null detection modes help you to quickly distinguish between the line your locating and signal distortion from other utilities.

The GX2’s ergonomic design, weighing only 4.7lbs, makes it easy to operate for extended periods of time. It also is equipped with dual mid-range and high frequency locating capabilities, so that whether you have access to an area of the pipe to clamp or not, you also have the option of inductive locating.

Designed With The User In Mind

All of our products, while each meets different needs, are designed to be very user friendly, giving you gain controls and mode options that help you adjust to the setting that you need, so that your signals aren’t distorted or simply not giving you an accurate signal. Additionally, all of our utility locating equipment features multiple antennas which are securely injection molded in place, to help filter out noise, and give you a clear accurate signal and provide more accurate depth readings.

The Vision FLX2, another of our underground cable locator products, for example, combines a state-of the art fault-finding system with a cable locator proven to be consistently accurate and dependable. The Vision FLX2 is an underground wire locator that offers cable tracing with a depth calculation and pinpoints ground-return faults on electric, CATV and telecommunications cables-with one instrument. The Cable ID is an optional attachment for the FLX2 and is used for the identification of energized or de-energized underground electrical line transformers, switch boxes and excavations.

Each piece of underground utility locating equipment also includes smart plug and play software that helps to reduce human error when using different line connection techniques. Best of all, when you do opt for the induction clamp method, the clamp itself does not need to fully encircle the utility pipe. This helps save time from having to remove the conduit from a line pole and also makes it easier for inducing a signal in a small open excavation. To cope with the congestion of the ever-growing underground utility infrastructure, these utility locators are all packed with strong, adjustable mid-range frequencies that allow for induction, even in congested areas.

Whatever your utility locating needs are, trust McLaughlin to have what you need today!

Available Options

Increased Production

Automatic Depth and current strength measurements located on all screen modes.

Three Gain Control Modes

Maintains the semi-automatic accuracy in congested environments combined with manual gain for increased speed and productivity.

New Locating Mode - Peak/Null

The operator friendly screen at a glance shows the accuracy of peak mode combined with the speed of null mode.

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