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The McLaughlin GX2 is a utility locator designed for the professional locator. There are three locating modes: Peak Mode with Manual Gain Adjustment – the industry standard; Peak Mode with Semi-Auto Gain Adjust – narrows the peak signal for easier identification of utilities in congested areas and deep utilities; and Combination Peak & Null mode for quick detection of the transmitted signal.

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Key Features


3 Year warranty including water damage. Robust construction and rubber mounted internals equate in an instrument that never needs calibration.


Smart technology simplifies the operation of the transmitter and allows for minimal user input for quick and accurate locate startups.


Dual mid-range and high frequency inductive locating for those utilities that have limitations for direct connection or clamping.


Receiver weighs 4.7lbs with batteries and is ergonomically designed. 7 watt multiple frequency transmitter benefits operator for locating all types of utilities.

Available Options

Verifier G3

Verifier G3

McLaughlin is introducing a new utility locator, Vermeer Verifier™ G3 by McLaughlin that combines trusted precision with a simple, user-friendly interface.

VX50 Gen3

The Vermeer VX50 series is a powerful and productive vacuum excavator, equipped with a 4″ suction hose and 1,025 cfm blower it is extremely useful for production pothole applications and drill fluid management.

Vision FLX

Vision FLX2

The Vision FLX2 by McLaughlin combines a state of art fault location system with a cable locator proven to be consistently accurate and dependable.




 Active Frequencies 38 kHz : 38 kHz ±2%
9.5 kHz : 9.5 kHz ±2%
80 kHz : 78.125 kHz ±2%
512 Hz : 512 Hz ±2%
LF: Low Frequency (250 to 1000Hz)–field configurable
 Passive Radio 9 k to 33 kHz
 Passive Power 50/60Hz: 5th harmonic (50Hz or 60Hz user selectable)
100/120Hz: 3rd harmonic (100Hz or 120Hz user selectable)
 Battery Type Six Alkaline LR6 “AA”
 Battery Life 20 hours (20°C / 68°F)
 Battery Status Continuous indication
 Power Save Function Automatic power off after 5min of inactivity
 Visual Indication LCD: bar graph, digital number & character, includes backlight
 Range Line: 0 to 5m/16ft (0-5m/0-16ft. mode)
0 to 30m/99ft (0-30m/0-99ft. mode)
Probe: 0 to 30m/99ft.
 Depth Readout Unit Meter / Feet & Inch
 Depth Accuracy* 2.0m / 6.5ft. : ±2.5%
3.0m / 10ft. : ±5%
5.0m / 16.5ft. : ±10%
 Current Value Current value flowing on the conductor is displayed for line identity in milliamps.
 Digital Level Indicate horizontal level on LCD of the receiver
 Audio Output Internal speaker (500 to 2kHz), earphone (optional)
 Data Logging Memorized 400 points of the depth/current measurement data.
 Interface 6-pin connector for PC communication/GPS server
 Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C / -4°F to 122°F
 Dimensions 66cm x 13cm x 26.9cm (26.0” x 5.51” x 10.6”)
 Weight 2.1kg/4.7lbs including six batteries
 Notes  *1—locators are tested in the model field conditions with no adjacent signals. Always excavate the line with non-destructive means before digging
*2—Optional cable is necessary to read the logging data

 Output Frequencies 38kHz: 38kHz±0.02% (standard frequency)
9.5kHz: 9.5kHz±0.02%
80kHz: 78.125±0.02%
852kHz: 853.33Hz±0.02%
640Hz: 640Hz±0.02%
512kHz: 9.5kHz/38kHz±0.02%
Dual: Direct mode—9.5kHz & 38kHz±0.02%
Inductive mode 1—38kHz & 80kHz±0.02%
 Output Power 7 watts max./80kHz: 1 watt max.
 Operating Modes Direct connection mode, Inductive mode
External coil mode (optional)
 Battery Type 10 Alkaline LR20 “D” or NiMH “D”
 Battery Life Direct mode: 50 hours (Output 4mA, 20°C/68°F)
Inductive mode: 20 hours (Output 50%, 20°C/68°F)
 Battery Status Continuous indication
 Visual Indication LCD: Bar graph & Digital number, includes backlight
 Audio Indication Internal Speaker : Alarm, Beeping sounds
 Measuring Function Output current—0 to 400mA
Line voltage—AC 0 to 250V
DC -100V to +100V
Resistance—0 to 10M ohms
 Output Protection AC 250V (512Hz – 640Hz: Output is cut off automatically)
 Operating -20°C to 50°C / -4°F to 122°F
 Dimensions 39.9cm x 23.1cm x 9.9cm (15.7″ x 9.1″ x 3.9”)
 Weight 4.2kg/9.3lbs approx. including 10 batteries

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