Greenville, NC, October 1, 2019 — McLaughlin, a Vermeer® Company, is expanding and updating its auger boring portfolio with the introduction of new auger boring machine models, a steerable rock system and electronic pitch indicator accessory. Developed to help contractors efficiently perform large diameter bores in a variety of ground conditions, McLaughlin has five models in its line that range in size and horsepower, as well as the On-Target Steering System (OTS) and Steerable Rock System (SRS). According to Dave Gasmovic, business development manager at McLaughlin, auger boring is one of the oldest trenchless installation methods, but it still has its place among other technologies. “At McLaughlin, we have continued to expand the capabilities of auger boring machines,” he explained. “We’ve also made efficiency, safety and accuracy priorities with everything we build, and our expanded portfolio reflects that.”

Here is an overview of all the new and featured McLaughlin auger boring machines and accessories at ICUEE 2019:

McLaughlin McL 24C auger boring machine

The new McLaughlin McL 24C auger boring machine provides exceptional thrust and torque for installing casings ranging from 4 inches to 24 inches (10.2 cm to 61 cm) in diameter. Equipped with a 24.6 horsepower (18.3 kW) Caterpillar 3-cylinder Tier 4 diesel engine for quiet and clean operation, the McL 24C delivers 98,000 pounds (44,452.1 kg) of forward thrust and an auger torque of 6,339 foot-pounds (8594.5 joules). It also features a Patented Operator Presence Control (OPC) hydraulic clutch to help reduce spinback and the risk of machine rollovers. The McL 24C auger boring machine also has a redesigned track system and centralized operator controls. The tracks incorporate rectangular steel tubing, thick vertical rails and strategic placement of cross members to provide stability and a smooth surface when pulling augers. The unit has repositioned gauges, ignition switch and engine indicators so they are in a shielded and centralized area for easy access and operation.

McLaughlin WH 175 auger boring machine

The new powerful McLaughlin WH 175 auger boring machine is the latest addition to the McLaughlin portfolio. Capable of installing casings from 16 inches to 42 inches (40.6 cm to 106.7 cm) in diameter, the WH 175 auger boring machine offers smooth, clean and quiet operation. It’s powered by a 175 horsepower (130.5 kW) Volvo turbocharged diesel engine that delivers up to 600,000 pounds (272,155.4 kg) of thrust and 85,000 foot-pounds (115,244.5 joules) of auger torque. The McLaughlin WH 175 is equipped with a remote control so operators can run the auger boring machine from anywhere on the jobsite. It also comes with the McLaughlin Rabbit Travel feature that helps speed up cycle times when adding casing or augers.

McLaughlin WH 225 auger boring machine

Developed to perform long large diameter casing installations for power, communications, water/sewer and pipeline projects, the McLaughlin WH 225 auger boring machine is an underground contractor’s workhorse. It’s powered by a 214 horsepower (159.6 kW) Volvo Tier 4 compliant diesel engine and is equipped with a 5-inch (12.7-cm) hex auger that drives 1.2 million pounds (544,310.8 kg) of thrust and 126,000 foot-pounds (170,833.1 joules) of torque for big bore applications ranging from 16 inches to 72 inches (40.6 cm to 182.9 cm) in diameter. The McLaughlin WH 225 delivers optimum performance with a wireless remote control that allows the operator to be out of the pit while boring, and a Rabbit Travel feature for quick movement of the boring machine when adding casings or repositioning the auger.

McLaughlin SRS

The McLaughlin SRS is the auger boring market’s first steerable head designed to navigate through solid and severely fractured rock conditions. The SRS will operate in rock from 3,000 psi to 25,000 psi (206.8 bar to 1723.7 bar). It uses disc cutters to break up solid rock and rock picks to pull any remaining fractured rock from the bore path. The system is designed to work in conjunction with any auger boring machine and allows crews to bore in a single pass accurately — no pilot bore required. Four steering flaps can be actuated hydraulically to make adjustments and keep the SRS head on-grade. A built-in water level allows the operator to monitor grade throughout the bore, and two LED lights in the control station that indicate head movement also helps with lateral adjustments. McLaughlin offers SRS heads ranging from 36 inches to 48 inches (91.4 cm to 121.9 cm) in diameter.

McLaughlin electronic pitch indicator accessory

For the most precise auger boring jobs, McLaughlin now offers an electronic pitch indicator accessory on OTS and SRS control stations. The McLaughlin electronic pitch indicator attaches to the control station and provides grade accuracy down to two decimal places. Pairing it with a steerable system helps auger boring crews work more efficiently and reduces the frequency that water levels need to be monitored. For more information about McLaughlin auger boring equipment, visit or email McLaughlin at [email protected].

About McLaughlin

McLaughlin, a Vermeer Company, has been actively involved in the drilling tool industry for more than 95 years. McLaughlin has a reputation for designing and building dependable trenchless construction equipment. McLaughlin takes pride in providing solutions for OEMs and the underground industry.


McLaughlin reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation.

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