How do you make one of our most productive vacuum excavators even more effective? Onsite training and support from a McLaughlin representative. Cody Mecham, regional sales manager at McLaughlin, visited a customer who had recently bought a Vermeer MEGA VX200 vacuum excavator. Mecham’s goal was to help the customer understand their new equipment and maximize its benefits.

The customer selected a 1,600-gallon (6056.7 L) option. It has a 6-inch (15.2 cm) hose diameter with a 3,200 cfm (91 m3/min) blower at 18 inches of mercury. The vacuum was customized to fit the customer’s unique needs and to ensure that it meets state DOT regulations and weight restriction laws. It was important to the customer’s operation that the truck vac scaled properly.

When McLaughlin launched the MEGA VX200 in 2015, it was to address a gap the company saw in the market for a vacuum excavator that falls between smaller trailer-mounted units and the largest truck-mounted vacs. Designed for both potholing jobs and fluid management, the MEGA Vac packs more productivity in one machine to help contractors get the job done on time and on budget.

“With a machine as versatile as the MEGA Vac, there is an opportunity to educate customers on all the features it offers,” says Mecham. “While the machine is intuitive and operator-friendly, McLaughlin wants to be there to help contractors take their productivity to the next level on the jobsite.”

The MEGA VX200 features the McLaughlin 3-stage cyclonic filtration system that allows for both wet and dry vacuum excavation while prolonging filter life and helping to keep maintenance costs low.

Additionally, the McLaughlin patented cam-over hydraulic rear door provides a 360-degree positive seal, without additional clamping requirements to keep fluids securely in the debris tank. No components are inside the tank, so all periodic maintenance is external.

Did you recently buy McLaughlin equipment and want some onsite training for your crew? Contact your local Vermeer dealer or visit for more information.

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