Skid Steer/Mini Excavator Attachments

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About this product

The M-4500 series hydraulic boring attachments are available in four distinct configurations: M-4500, M-4500SS, M-4500MS, and the M-4500ME. Powered by hydraulics, the units are capable of producing bores up to 4-1/2″ diameter using the dry compaction boring method of drilling. Speeds of 8′ per minute and distances of 100′ are possible depending on soil conditions.


Key Features

Easy Installation

The original M-4500 is attached to the skid steer bucket with a weld on bracket and boring attachment can quickly be installed and removed with a pin connection


Quick Attach Back Plate

The M4500SS comes with a quick attach back plate and has (3) different pin in place boring positions for the moleing attachment to allow for center, left and right attachment positions for working close to buildings or existing structures.

Center Mounted Moling Attachment

The Mini Skid Steer boring attachment includes quick attach back plate and moling attachment center mounted with quick detach pin kit.

-Bore Diameter: 1-1/4″ to 4-1/2″ (3.2 cm – 11.4 cm)
-Motor: Hydraulic with forward/reverse
-Torque: 530 ft/lbs. @ 2500 psi
-Rotation speed: 80 rpm @ 8 hpm
-25″ W x 30″ L x 22″ H
-115 lbs.

Mini Skid Steer boring attachment
 McLaughlin Mini Excavator attachment

Universal Fit

The McLaughlin Mini Excavator attachment works with any mini-excavator bucket and is a wedge design that attaches to the bucket blade and is strapped in place.

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