VX75 Heavy Duty Series

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About this product

All VX75 vacs include 3 stage filtration using cyclonic separator and 2 micron poly filter, cam-over full open external hydraulic door with separate door/tank raise circuit, In Tank Clean Out System, full debris tank electronic float shut down and secondary ball float shut off, 22 gallon fuel tank, 50’ water hose with reel, three 10’ x 4” vacuum hose, rotary digging lance, wash wand.

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Key Features


The McLaughlin patented “Cam-Over” hydraulic rear door leads the industry with this simple reliable design with all components being external to the tank. The design provides a consistent 360° seal and mechanical locking mechanism, to keep fluids securely in the debris tank even under reverse pressure.

Cyclonic Filtration


Standard three-stage cyclonic filtration system, which allows the vacuum to be used for both wet and dry vacuum excavating where the cyclones reduce airborne particulates from reaching the final filter and vacuum blower. This system prolongs the filter life, reducing maintenance costs.


The VX70 and VX80 series features a built-in patented In-Tank clean out flushing system, and an easily accessible operator control panel, these vacuum excavators were designed for ease of use and serviceability. All of the daily service points are also readily accessible around the machine.



Optional reverse flow on the VX70 and VX80 series keeps your work moving forward with the ability to offload spoil faster and clear hose clogs quickly. Simply reverse the airflow by changing the valve position for positive tank pressure.

Available Options

Hydraulic Boom

Hydraulic Boom

The industry-leading Hydraulic Boom offers speed, reliability and ease of operation.

Hot Box

The Hot Box option allows you to work with water heated up to 165 degrees F to improve digging in conditions such as frost.

Sewer Jetter

The J12-30 Sewer Jetting system turns your vacuum system into a versatile jetter/vac combination unit.




General Dimensions and Weights
 VX75-500  VX75-800 VX75-1200
 Length  232″ (589 cm)  265″ (673 cm)  259″ (658 cm)
 Height  94″ (239 cm)  97.2″ (247 cm)  113″ (287 cm)
 Empty Weight  7,130 lbs (3,234 kg)  9,590 lbs (4,350 kg)  12,390 lbs (5,620 kg)
 Width  96″ (244 cm)  97.2″ (247 cm)  102″ (259 cm)
 Weight (Gross Vehicle Weight)  14,000 lbs (6,350.1 kg)  18,000 lbs (8,164.7 kg)  26,000 lbs (11,793.4 kg)

 VX75-500  VX75-800  VX75-1200
 Horsepower  74 hp (55 kW)  74 hp (55 kW)  74 hp (55 kW)
 Eclsoure  Fully with Lockable Doors  Fully with Lockable Doors  Fully with Lockable Doors
 Fuel Tank Capacity  22 gal (83 L)  22 gal (83 L)  22 gal (83 L)

Water Tank
 VX75-500  VX75-800  VX75-1200
 Water Tank Capacity  250 gal  408 gal  408 gal
 Number of Tanks  2-125  2-205  2-205
 High Pressure Pump: Flow Rate  8 gpm (30.0 L/min)  8 gpm (30.0 L/min)  8 gpm (30.0 L/min)
 High Pressure Pump: Pressure  3,000 psi (207 bar)  3,000 psi (207 bar)  3,000 psi (207 bar)
 High Pressure Hose Length  50′ (15m)  50′ (15m)  50′ (15m)
 Low Water Shutoff  Electric  Electric  Electric

Spoil Tank
 VX75-500  VX75-800  VX75-1200
Spoil Tank Capacity  500 gal  800 gal  1200 gal
Door Type  Hydraulic  Hydraulic  Hydraulic
In Tank Washdown  Standard  Standard  Standard
Mechanical Full Tank Shutoff  Mechanical Float/Electric Shutdown  Mechanical Float/Electric Shutdown  Mechanical Float/Electric Shutdown
Electric Full Tank Shutoff  Standard  Standard  Standard
Tank Lift Type  Dual Hydraulic Cyl Dual Hydraulic Cyl Dual Hydraulic Cyl

 VX75-500  VX75-800  VX75-1200
 Type of Filters  2 Micron Washable  2 Micron Washable  2 Micron Washable
 3-Stage Cyclonic Filtration System  Standard  Standard  Standard
 Hose Length  3–10′ (3.04 m)  3–10′ (3.04 m)  3–10′ (3.04 m)
 Hose Width  5″ (12.7 cm)  5″ (12.7 cm)  5″ (12.7 cm)
 Vacuum Hg Mercury  15 hg (.5 bar)  15 hg (.5 bar)  15 hg (.5 bar)
 Vacuum cfm  1,200 cfm (34 m3/min)  1,200 cfm (34 m3/min)  1,200 cfm (34 m3/min)
 Suction Hose Storage  Standard  Standard  Standard

Control Panel
 VX75-500  VX75-800  VX75-1200
Gauges  Vac & Wat  Vac & Wat  Vac & Wat

 VX80-500  VX80-800  VX80-1200
 Reach  14′  14′  14′
 Movement  270 Degree Rotation  270 Degree Rotation  270 Degree Rotation
 Remote Control  Wireless  Wireless  Wireless

Available Options
 VX75-500  VX75-800  VX75-1200
 Reverse Flow  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Hydraulic Boom (Manual or Hydraulic Rotation)  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Hot Box Water Heater  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Air Compressor  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Sewer Jetter  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Compact Core Saw  N/A  N/A  N/A

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