Vermeer VX200 MEGA VAC Series

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About this product

The MEGA VX200 is a truck mounted vacuum excavator that features a 200-horsepower (149 kW) John Deere Tier 3 engine, a 3-stage cyclonic filtration system and spoil tank capacities ranging from 1,200 to 3,000 gallons (4,542.5 to 11,356.2 L) with the standard option of 800 gallons (3,028.3 L) of fresh water. It has a 6-inch (15.2 cm) hose diameter and a 3,500 “free air” cfm (99.1 m3/min) blower capable of 18 inches of mercury. The tank, power pack and water system all have a modular design — versatility that allows a contractor to mount the unit on either a new or a re-purposed truck chassis.

The MEGA VX200 6-inch series was designed after listening to customers who said they wanted a vacuum excavator for their potholing jobs and fluid management needs that fills a gap between smaller trailer-mounted vacuum excavators and the largest truck-mounted units.

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Key Features


McLaughlin uses TRUE three-stage filtration system that allows for both wet and dry vacuum excavation. The dual 17″ x 55″ cyclones are custom designed for the VX200 with high efficiency dual vertical stems. After material passes through the tank, the air moves to the Cylonic Filtration System where dust-size particles are cyclonically removed. Then the pre-filtered clean air stream passes through a removable, washable micron-poly filter before reaching the blower.


Provides a 360-degree positive seal, even under reverse pressure without additional clamping requirements. The highly reliable
Cam-Over design has no in-tank moving parts, so all maintenance is external.


The Magnetek Telemotive Mini-MBT radio remote controls all machine functions and delivers vital machine information through its display. The remote easily straps to operator, and features an emergency stop for safety.

VX200 Large Hose Diameter


Featuring a 6-inch (15.2 cm) hose diameter with a 3,500 “free air” cfm (99.1 m3/min) blower and 18 inches of hg (.6 bar) to get more work done and take on bigger jobs.


This safety feature allows the blower to suck “free air” vs. having the hose live at all times.  It also allows the engine and blower to “unload” or free run when not in use – proloning blower and engine life.

VX200 Large Hose Diameter


Tank, power pack and water system all have a modular design — delivering versatility that allows the option of mounting the unit on either a new or repurposed truck chassis.

Available Options

Hot Box Water Heater

Hydraulic Boom

The industry-leading Hydraulic Boom offers speed, reliability and ease of operation. The telescoping design maintains hose length during boom extension and incorporates a 14″ (35.6 cm) bearing with a 270-degree range of motion. The boom features a 14′ (4.3 m) reach capability.

Hot Box Water Heater

Hot Box

The Hot Box option allows you to work with water heated up to 165 degrees F to improve digging in conditions such as frost.




General Dimensions & Weights
 Length  214.9″ (545.8 cm)
 Height w/boom  109.7″ (278.6 cm)
 Empty Weight  14,500 lbs (6,577.1 kg)
 Width  97.9″ (248.7 cm)
 Spoil Tank Capacity  2,000 gal (7,570.8 L)

 Horsepower  200 hp (149.1 kw) John Deer Diesel
 Enclosure  Enclosed/Lockable
 Fuel Tank Capacity  Plumb to Truck Fuel Tanks

Water Tanks
 Water Tank Capacity  800 gal (3,028.3 L)
 Number of Tanks  (2) 400 gal (1,514.2 L)
 Water Pump  10 gpm @ 3,000 psi (37.9 L/min @ 206.8 bar)
 High Pressure Hose Length  50′ (15.2m)
 Low Water Shutoff  Electronic

Spoil Tank
 Spoil Tank Capacity  1,200, 1,600, 2,000, 2,600, or 3,000 gal (4,542.5, 6,056.7, 7,570.8, 8,327.9, 9,842.1, or 11,356.2 L)
 Door Type  Hydraulic
 In Tank Washdown  Standard
 Mechanical Full Tank Shutoff  Standard
 Electric Full Tank Shutoff  Standard
 Tank Lift Type  Dual Cyl

 Type of Filters  2 Washable Micron Poly
 Cyclonic Filtration System  Custom Dual 17″ x 55″ (43.2 cm x 139.7 cm) Cyclones
 Boom Tool Length  3′-5′ (.9 m – 1.5 m)
 Hose Diameter  6″ (15.2 cm)
 Vacuum Mercury  18″ of hg (.6 bar)
 Vacuum cfm  3,500 “free air” cfm (99.1 m3/min)
 Blower Silencer  18″ x 6″ (45.7 cm x 1.8 m) Critical Grade Silencer
 Suction Hose Storage  N/A /min

Control Panel
 Gauges  Electronic Display w/7″ (17.8 cm) LCD Screen

 Reach  14′ (4.3 m)
 Movement  270 Degree Rotation
 Remote Control  Wireless

Available Options
 Hydraulic Rotation Boom  Standard
 Hot Box Water Heater  Yes
 Air Compressor  Yes

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