Whether you’re a utility contractor, work for a municipality or specialize as a potholing subcontractor, you likely already know how versatile a quality vacuum excavator can be. But, did you know vacuum excavator tools and accessories can help improve your team’s productivity and potentially increase the number of ways you use your vac system?

McLaughlin Underground leads the industry in the area of vacuum excavator tools and accessories ranging from its innovative misting ring used for microtrenching applications to the patented one-man digging tool that excavates and removes soil in a single step. McLaughlin tools and accessories can help your team get more done in less time.

Here’s a quick overview of many of the tools and accessories available for Vermeer truck and trailer vacuum excavators by McLaughlin Underground.

Misting ring for microtrenching
With underground right-of-way spaces becoming crowded, many fiberoptic companies are requesting contractors use a relatively new installation method called microtrenching. Microtenchers make a very narrow and shallow cut in the roadway, typically where the concrete street meets the curb/apron. To minimize dust levels and maintain a clean jobsite, a vacuum excavator must follow the microtrencher to suck up spoils and debris.

According to Jake Jeffords, director of sales and marketing for McLaughlin Underground, most vacuum excavators in the market require a canister filtration system mounted in the inside of the tank to deal with dry dust and debris, which is usually an optional feature that needs to be installed by the manufacturer when a new vac system is purchased. “The McLaughlin misting ring is a different type of technology to keep dust from clogging up the filtration system,” he explained. “An operator can quickly add the misting ring to the end of the intake hose where it delivers a small amount of water to dry spoils as it collected. This knocks material out of the airstream to prevent it from the second stage of filtration.”

The misting ring can be added to McLaughlin vac systems anytime and, unlike with in-tank canister systems that have to be cleaned out when the vac tank is being emptied from collected dust, there is no additional maintenance required.

Better potholing
Another popular tool that every potholing crew should have is the McLaughlin one-man digging tool. The five-foot (1.5 m), four nozzle standard reduction tool allows a single person to do the work of two by using patented technology that enables the operator to flush and remove soil simultaneously.

“Maximizing the efficiency of your crew is important for all contractors, whether they are exposing buried utilities or just digging holes for street signs, Jeffords added. The one-man digging tool turns a two-step process into one and is effective at penetrating most soil types.”

Sweepers and cleaners
If you want your crew to be more efficient cleaning up on the jobsite and reduce restoration times, you may want to consider investing in a sweeper or cleaner.

McLaughlin Underground offers two sweeper options; one for lawn/turf and another for pavement. Both tools are configured to gently remove drilling fluid (bentonite and/or poly) that has seeped to the surface during the drilling process or while excavating. The pavement sweeper also uses two-pressure water jets to dislodge dirt while being sucked into the collection tank.

For additional hard surface cleaning, McLaughlin Underground also offers a pavement cleaner that uses water-powered rotary heads to wash the surface as the vacuum suctions excess water.

Options to consider for your next vac
In addition to tools and accessories that you can add to your vacuum excavator anytime, there are also several options available that you may want to consider when it’s time to order a new Vermeer vacuum excavator by McLaughlin Underground, including:

  • Sewer Jetting system
  • Hydraulic Boom
  • STRONG ARM attachment
  • Reverse Flow option
  • Hot Box Water Heating System
  • Compact Core Drill

Customizing your vacuum excavator will allow you to do even more and help your team stay productive year-round.

To learn more about McLaughlin Underground tools and accessories, contact your local McLaughlin authorized Vermeer dealer or give McLaughlin a call at 864-277-5870.

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