The newly released Vermeer Verifier G3 by McLaughlin utility locator was very busy providing solutions all over the United States last week. For quick and easy inductive locates the G3 provides the operator a user-friendly experience complete with automatic depth estimates and a compass to quickly identify the direction of the utility path in reference to the receiver.

Vermeer Verifier G3 by McLaughlin

In the great state of Texas a G3 was used to quickly locate salt water lines in an oil field. Once located, a VX50 trailer vacuum excavator was used to excavate and expose the utility. According to the regional sales rep Kevin Wise the G3 and VX50 both preformed great for a successful day on the job.



Further north in East Moline Illinois, the G3 was used throughout the day locating fiber – inductive and direct connect methods were used on the jobsite. The Verifier G3 once again provided the operators a simple solution for a successful locate using dual methods of locating.

Verifier G3 Transmitter

G3 direct connect

Vermeer Verifier G3










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