Check out our NEWEST you-tube addition of our Custom ECO80-800 Truck Vac featuring Dual Dry Spoil Tanks!

The Vermeer ECO Series of Truck Vacuum Excavators built by McLaughlin is the answer to your next tough jobsite. Available for mounting on a variety of trucks or off road carrier chassis the ECO line combines the compact size needed for urban jobsites and the durability to handle those hard to access right-of way-projects.

Several Gas companies have partnered with McLaughlin and together designed the ultimate potholing Truck vacuum excavator setup with dry backfill spoil tanks. The ECO 80 truck platform features dual 75 gallon dry spoil tanks for carrying approved backfill material to your jobsite and controlled dumping with hydraulic controls and tank vibrator. The ECO100 series Vermeer Truck Mounted Vacuum Excavators are suitable for air or hydro excavation allowing contractors to use dry spoil for backfill material increasing your jobsite productivity.  Available options include a hydraulic boom, dry spoil tanks, sewer jetter, reverse flow,  and a compact hydraulic core saw.  For more information on how to start building your custom truck vacuum excavator contact your local Vermeer Dealer or call the McLaughlin Factory at 864-277-5870.

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